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COVID Fighting Black Seeds - The Hero Ingredient for Oasis Black Skincare

An Australian-first study from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) showed that "Nigella Seed Oil supplementation was associated with faster recovery of symptoms than usual care alone for patients with mild COVID-19 infection." In addition, the...

Why should you go on a skin-care diet & become a skin minimalist?

Find out how ditching your complicated skin care routine can benefit you, your skin, your wallet and the environment. 

Make your own face oil with 6 secret steps

Want to make your very own luxurious face oil at home? Here at Oasis Black, we're sharing our 6 secret steps to make your own body or face oil to show you just how effective simple skincare can be...

Why did we stop using natural skincare?

Why did we stop using natural skincare and start using artificial alternatives? Read more from Oasis Black to find out.

Natural Plant Oils - My Perfect Year-Round Moisturiser

Right now, as we head towards winter, I’m already noticing that my skin is craving more moisture and nourishment than it did in the warmer summer months. Luckily though, my Face & Body Elixir’s are the perfect year-round solution to my skin’s changing needs...

Skin Purging with Plant Oils - My Journey using my Face & Body Elixir

Using oils on your face is scary for a lot of people. I get it. After years of believing what the mainstream cosmetics companies drilled in to us growing up, at first I was petrified to use my Face & Body Elixir (a blend of organic plant oils) on my face. As a sufferer from hormonal acne on and off since my 20’s...

Healing Sunburn Naturally with Plant Oils

While we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, the pink/red pain of sunburn still catches many of us as we soak up the sun. The sun's warming rays continue to penetrate the world at...

How Natural Plant Oils can Help to Protect your Skin this Summer

What… you can use oils to protect your skin from the Sun? I thought they just made skin burn easier?

No, not necessarily. In the past few years there has been increasing interest around the use of natural plant oils for sunscreens...

Why is Black Seed Oil my Hero Ingredient?

Move over Hemp Seed Oil, there’s a new hero in town… my hero ingredient Black Seed Oil.  

Known as a versatile natural “cure all” across the Middle East and deemed as “a cure for every disease except death” by Prophet Muhammed, Black Seed oil is extracted from the tiny black seeds produced in the seed pods of the Nigella Sativa plant.