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We care about the health of you, your skin, and the planet.

Oasis Black - We care about your health as well as the health of the planet

We believe in the simple power of plants and know that nature has evolved to provide us with everything we need to maintain our health, as well as the health of our skin.

The health of the planet is vital to support this relationship, so we are doing our part to minimise our impact, replace what we use, and encourage the growth and health of the natural world around us instead of contributing to its destruction.

Accordingly, to provide you with a way to care for your skin without creating unnecessary or harmful waste, or encourage mindless consumerism, we’ve developed our cruelty free products and packaging with both the product and the environment in mind.

Oasis Black - Organic, Australian Made, Vegan Friendly, All Natural and Cruelty Free Skincare


Made from all-natural and organic ingredients our highly effective products are designed to be multi-use to simplify your routine and minimise the number of products you need to buy and apply.

We source the highest quality, minimally processed natural ingredients to not only deliver their full spectrum of benefits to you and your skin, but to also avoid the unnecessary waste of resources that results from over-processing and needless handling of these ingredients.

Further, all our products are deliberately water-free to eliminate the need for harmful preservatives, and remove the requirement for bulky containers that are expensive to transport.

Oasis Black - All Natural, Organic, vegan and cruelty free Skincare Products


For our packaging, our products are housed in either recyclable/reusable glass bottles/jars, or plastic free, home-compostable, and biodegradable cellophane.

Our information flyers and cards are printed on 100% recycled stock, and to protect our products whilst they’re in transit to you, we use sustainably made paper-based ‘bubble wrap’, tissue paper, non-toxic glue, paper stickers, and shipping envelopes made from 100% recycled wastepaper.

Oasis Black Uses Earth Conscious Packaging and discourages mindless consumption

Ultimately, this means our products can not only help give you healthy glowing skin, but they can also help you save time, minimise clutter in your bathroom cabinet/suitcase, save money, and reduce the amount of waste that you send to landfill (or that could accidentally end up in our waterways or natural environment).


Despite our efforts with our products and packaging, we realise that we can't maintain and support this beautiful planet all on our own.

Accordingly, we’ll soon be implementing our Giving Back program whereby we’ll donate a portion of sales proceeds, and/or our time, to support charities and initiatives within our local and global communities that we feel are aligned with our goals and values. 

Our Giving Back program will focus on 3 pillars of support: The Planet, Mental Health, and Empowering Women in developing countries with Co-operatives.

For our Planet pillar, we particularly love the work some of our local charities like Take3 (have a look at their video's below) and Australian Seabird Rescue are doing through education that inspires participation.

For our Mental Health pillar, it's currently The Rise Foundation and Waves of Wellness charities that have our attention. 

And for our Empowering Women Co-operatives pillar, until we're able to financially support charities and organisations that foster the development of more women led cooperatives, we'll continue to support women cooperatives by sourcing ingredients like our Argan oil from them.

In the meantime, until our Giving Back program is ready to go live, we hope that you will continue to support us and appreciate the efforts we’ve gone to for both you and our beautiful planet.


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