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Mineral Mud masks

Each mask offers a unique combination of detoxifying natural clays supercharged with vitamin rich, nourishing and protective botanicals, and of course our hero ingredient, Black Seeds.

Simple to mix and easy to apply, you control the texture and feel of your mask by choosing the level of liquid you add. This way, your mask really is made especially for you and your skin - your very own at home creation.

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For best results, we recommend adding a weekly Mud Mask to your routine.

Or, if you're time poor, simply mix up your favourite Oasis Black Mud Mask into a thick paste, or add a teaspoon or two into your Cleanser, and use as an exfoliating scrub treatment whilst in the shower.

Or try them all with our ZERO WASTE

Mud Mask SAMPLER$49.99

Containing a plastic free sample size sachet of each Mud Mask, and accompanied with our reusable Ceramic Teaspoon, this ZERO WASTE sampler gives you the perfect way to try our full Mineral Mud Mask range guilt free.

Mix it in our

Cosmic Treatment Bowl

Sculpted by hand using a velvety matt black clay, and finished with a glossy cosmic inspired glaze, these stunning ceramic mixing bowls are the perfect mud masking companion


Non-metallic tools

Clay contains uniquely charged particles that work like a magnet. These particles can attract and absorb impurities such as oils and bacteria into them, allowing them to be easily removed and washed away.

Metal objects can de-activate these charged particles and render the clay’s unique attraction properties useless. This means that for clay to remain effective on the skin, it should never be stored in, measured, or mixed with metal.

For these reasons we recommend using only non-metallic tools, like our Cosmic Treatment Bowl & Ceramic Teaspoon, when preparing your Oasis Black Mineral Mud Masks.

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Oasis Black - All Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Made in Australia