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ANTI-AGING | Great for All Skin Types

AMAZONIAN Mineral Face Mask

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Unisex Skincare

Indulge your skin in anti-aging luxury sourced from the Amazon Rainforest with the Oasis Black Amazonian Mineral Face Mask.

The Amazon brings beautiful, lush growth and a rich, moist environment to mind. It's teaming with life and offers a treasure trove of vitamin and nutrient rich superfoods - which are not only great for the body, but can also be highly beneficial for the skin.

Amazonian anti-aging warriors Acai, Inca, Maca, and Camu Camu herald staggering levels of collagen boosting vitamin C, skin lightening vitamin B3 (niacin), as well as unique free radical neutralising antioxidants, skin regenerative vitamin A, and moisture restoring anti-inflammatory properties.

When combined with nutrient rich and moisturising yet naturally drawing Brazilian clays, and of course our hero ingredient, Black Seeds, this naturally luxurious Amazon inspired mask can also help to decongest pores, balance oil production, and remineralise your skin to leave it looking and feeling brighter, plumper, toned and more youthful in just 10-30 minutes.

A beautiful deep purple colour when activated, you can help bring deep nourishment and moisture back to your skin thanks to the Amazon inspired luxury found in our Amazonian Mineral Face Mask.

Lovingly made in small batches in Byron Bay, Australia

All natural & organic ingredients
Earth conscious packaging
No animal testing
Water free formula
Vegan friendly
Long shelf life
No artificial preservatives, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or fragrances
Featuring our Hero Ingredient ~ Black Seeds


In a small non-metallic bowl, using a non-metallic teaspoon, add:

  • 2 teaspoon Mineral Face Mask powder
  • 1 teaspoon of your favourite Oasis Black Face & Body Elixir
  • 1+ teaspoon liquid (filtered water, herbal tea or hydrosol)

Mix well. Add more liquid, 1 teaspoon at a time, and whip until a light velvety paste forms.


With your fingers or a soft brush (we like to repurpose an old makeup/foundation brush), smother your creation all over your face and neck.

Sit back and relax whilst you let your mask fully dry (10-30 minutes).


We recommend stepping into a warm shower and allowing the steam and running water to rehydrate your mask, whilst using your fingertips to gently exfoliate before washing it away. 

Alternatively you can gently rehydrate and wash off your mask with a warm, damp washcloth and warm water.

Pat dry, and follow with a generous application of your favourite Oasis Black Face & Body Elixir. 

For best results, repeat 1-3 times weekly.

This recipe is a starting guide. You remain in control of the texture and feel of your mask by choosing to add as much or as little liquid & Elixir as you like.

White and Purple Brazilian Clay, Maca Root*, Acai Berry*, Black Seed*, Inca Berry* and Camu Camu Berry*. * Denotes Certified Organic Powder.

For further information on the properties and benefits of each selected ingredient, please see the Ingredients page.

CAUTION: Natural colour pigments in this mask may stain fabrics. Please note: Batch to Batch variations will occur as ingredients are all natural and subject to seasonal variations.

Clay contains uniquely charged particles that work like a magnet. These particles can attract and absorb impurities such as oils and bacteria into them, allowing them to be easily removed and washed away.

Metal objects can de-activate these charged particles and render the clay’s unique attraction properties useless. This means that for clay to remain effective on the skin, it should never be stored in, measured, or mixed with metal.

For these reasons we recommend using only non-metallic tools, like our Cosmic Treatment Bowl & Ceramic Teaspoon, when preparing your Oasis Black Mineral Mud Masks.

We love the environment and hate unnecessary waste, so we’ve designed our packaging with both the product and the environment in mind. Accordingly, our Mineral Face Masks are available in recyclable, reusable, refillable, plastic free and home compostable options.

50ml Jars
Oasis Black - home compostable, biodegradable and plastic free packaging

As a reusable long life option, our cork capped glass 50ml jars are free from metal (so not to deactivate the clay particles) and are refillable with our plastic free and home compostable 50ml Refill size sachets. When empty, the glass jars are recyclable, and the cork lid compostable.

Sample Size & 50ml Refill sachets

Housed in home compostable cellophane (derived from responsible sourced wood pulp), and sealed with paper biodegradable labels, our sample and refill size packs are ZERO WASTE and completely PLASTIC FREE.

Kaolin, Illite, Lepidium Meyenii Root*, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit*, Nigella Sativa Seed*, Physalis Peruviana Fruit* and Myrciaria Dubia Fruit*. * Denotes Certified Organic Extract.

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As with any cosmetic product, please conduct a patch-test before first use.

For external use only.


Your At Home Day Spa

Because this mask is powdered, it’s more than a mask – it’s an experience, your very own at home day spa experience.

Designed to be activated right before use, every mask you make will be fresh and at its optimum, so it can deliver maximum benefits to your skin.

As it’s a powder, each 50ml jar of our Mineral Face Mask has an extra-long shelf-life and will let you create 7+ masks. This means it stays in its most beneficial form right down to the last application.

Unlike other pre-mixed face masks, Oasis Black Mineral Mud Masks are free of water (which bacteria thrive in) and other chemicals or preservatives which can potentially harm your skin.

So, not only do our masks last a lot longer, they are far kinder to your skin too.

Each mask is simple to mix and apply.

Control the texture and feel of your mask by choosing the level of liquid you add. This way, your mask really is made especially for you and your skin - your very own at home creation.

Watching your mask come to life is a welcome addition to your self-care journey.

If you’ve been looking for an organic at home day spa experience, the Oasis Black Mineral Mud Mask range is the range for you.

We love it, they love it...

"I just used the mask for the first time... MY SKIN FEELS AMAZING!!"

Claire M

"My skin feels sooo soft after a mud mask… my (skincare queen!) fiancée said it was the best face mask she’s ever tried"

Yasmyn F

"My skin felt very clean after the treatment, great mask to use"

Brett R

"This little glass jar sat beautifully in my bathroom cabinet, conveying a down-to-earth, homemade feel."

"It feels really fresh to mix your own mask, Amazonia felt just right for my skin."

Caroline B

"My skin never felt softer and brighter"

Marta O

"The best product. Pure gold! Lovely service. I love how it replaced everything my bathroom cabinet is empty and I don't feel I need anything else as it replaced everything! Thank you!"

Taisa B

"I like how you can mix this mask up yourself and control the consistency of it. Refillable packaging is amazing to see."

Madeleine Edwards

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Oasis Black - All Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Made in Australia