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Born in Morocco, Made in Byron Bay

It was whilst living and working in a Surf Yoga camp in Taghazout, Morocco, where my Oasis Black journey began.

Living a life surrounded by the surf and the harsh, dry, hot Moroccan environment, meant my skin quickly developed a deep craving for the moisture and nourishment it so lacked.

Refusing to pay top shelf prices for ineffective bottom shelf products, I turned to the locals for answers and quickly discovered the ancient wonder of Mother Nature’s own moisturiser… pure plant oils.  

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Our Hero Ingredient, Black Seeds

"A cure for every disease except death" - Prophet Muhammed.

The seeds which inspired part of the Oasis Black name, Black Seeds, originate from Northern Africa, and has been used throughout Ancient civilisations and the Middle East as a versatile natural "cure all" for over 5,000 years.

Specifically, Black Seed oil, pressed from the seeds of Nigella Sativa, has been used topically to address bacterial, fungal, viral infections, as well as assist many different skin conditions including clogged pores, blemishes, scars, dark spots, irritation, inflammation and...

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Simple 2-Step Routine

As minimalists, surfers, nature lovers, and yogi's we love to keep things simple and natural.

We believe we believe that getting back to basics and using just a few high quality, effective and all natural products is all you need to achieve and maintain healthy and youthful looking skin.

Naturally, we wanted a skincare routine that was so simple it could effortlessly become part of anyone's regime. Accordingly, the Oasis Black skincare routine involves just 2 simple steps.

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Premium Organic Ingredients

Sourced from exotic locations across the globe, Oasis Black's organic skincare products contain botanical ingredients known to be naturally high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

To ensure the botanical oils and superfood powders remain in their purest and most beneficial form, Oasis Black sources minimally processed premium organic ingredients wherever possible.

Further, all carrier oils are cold pressed, and all essential oils are steam distilled to deliver high grade, premium quality products.

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We love it. They love it.

My skin can be so oily.. AND dry 🙃 if I've had less water, been in sun or slack with this product - My face gets shiny & not soft!
Sounds confusing, yep iykyk 😅
Oily dehydrated skin is definietly a thing but. I use this gem before sleep & my skin feels like it's had an over due drink - No more oily.
I bloody love you @oasisblack
Those who knew of my hand skin issues when I was full time hairdressing.. This is the product that completely fixed it 🙌"

I am using your oil daily and I definitely can see the improvement on my skin.

My sun spots and other spots I had on my face are fading.

I am so happy with them I will continue to purchase my skin care products from now on with you.

@oasisblack always. The best skin oil, I haven’t turned back to moisturisers since using oils, has evened balanced and nourished my skin unbelievably xx

Can’t live without your magickal potions seriously! The scent, the texture, the result… I adore it alllll

Thank you for developing what has become my new fav product xxx

I really feel the difference with the soap too. Thought you should know. My skin feels dry when not using the Oasis Black soap.

Your oils are incredible, I've never put oils on my face because I've always been afraid of it clogging my skin but from the smell alone I just knew it was gonna be so natural and light! It's amazing 😍

My face is soaking it up and feels amazing!! I put it on this morning and no oily shine, soooo good!!!! Love your packaging too, it's beautiful!

I love that this Elixir is all I use on my face now.

I was chatting with my daughter and she said that she thinks my skin is looking amazing and that she can tell the difference in my skin ten months on, from starting your fabulous Elixir.

I seriously cannot get over the results from your oils! Literally nothing has helped without either drying my skin out or making it super oily. You've managed to pretty much clear my skin up 99.99% without any dryness, or excessive oiliness. I can't get over it and I just thought I'd let you know

I used to think this [oils are bad for your skin] until I started using your oil, I love it and wouldn’t use anything else now, my skin feels amazing .😁

I was lucky enough to try a free sample of this product and I was so impressed with the feel on my skin instantly. It is perfect for not just healing irritated pimples or spots but it also has prevented them. In today’s busy world I need simplicity and this product replaces so many. Truly, do yourself a little favour and try this product out 🌴👌🏻🌿

I absolutely love this bottle of pure love for your skin! Thank you for creating this perfect blend & sharing with the world. My skin has never looked or felt better. I love Oasis Black xx

After having bad skin reoccur when I had my ovaries removed, this product has put a new lease of life back into my skin. I adore this elixir. Highly recommended 💗💗💗

@oasisblack body and face elixir has been my go to the last couple of months 🦋✨it’s filled with so many good ingredients 🌱that leaves my skin feeing hydrated and glowy especially during the cold season! 🌸🌈

Ive been using this oil for the past month on my face and body. Normally, I avoid using oils on my face as they often leave it looking greasy. Oasis Black soaks into the skin and almost gives it a 'glow'. Quite a few people have commented that my skin looks amazing! I also used it on a particularly vicious ant bite and it helped to take the pain away and calmed the area!

I started to use this elixir @oasisblack face and body about a month ago now and I love using it .
I use it every night before bed and it seriously hydrate my skin and feels so silky 🙌🏽 .

Plump and nourished is exactly how I'd explain my skin to be now! And I used to wake up and WIPE the oil from the sides of my nose and rest of my T zone off like it was water, throughout the day when I wore makeup I had to constantly put powder on top of my existing foundation because it would be so greasy, and now I can leave the house for the whole day without having to take my powder foundation with me!

Uhm. I'm obsessed with your oil, and so is my mum.

My skin is glowing thanks to @oasisblack 😍🖤✨

My skincare routine has never smelt or felt so good 🥰💫 I am loving the face and body oil from @oasisblack! A must have in your skincare routine 💕

Completely obsessed with my @oasisblack oil. I always use oils as a moisturizer for my body and face.
I’ve been using these oils before bed for a while now and my skin feels fresh in the morning, and the most amazing part - they are all natural! 🌱

I am IN love with the smell. So So good! My partner loved it too.

Obsessed with using @oasisblack in my hair as a hair oil/treatment! Also been using this Elixir as a tanning oil today too and I'm super bronzed

I AM IN LOVE... this beauty right here is so perfect for your dehydrated winter skin, chapped lips, preventing ageing skin and SO much more, it is quite easily one of the best face oils i have ever tried... organic, vegan, 100% natural AND not tested on animals...
thank you to the beautiful people @oasisblack for sharing this amazing product with me 🖤🖤🖤🖤

100% natural ingredients and I can not stress enough how so gosh darn smooth and moisturising they are

I've been using my Elixir daily for over a week now (sometimes twice) and cant get over how amazing and soft my skin is! I also found it made my makeup look and feel so much better!I think I may have to ditch my usual oil which I used daily as it just doesn't compare to yours!

for the past few weeks I’ve been trying @oasisblack elixir and i’m in love 😍 my skin isn’t as near as dry at what it used to be! so happy that I’ve found a product that actually works for my skin! couldn’t recommend their products anymore! ✨🐚

If you haven’t tried the face & body elixir from @oasisblack - then your missing out! I’m so glad I’ve found an oil serum that doesn’t cause me to break out!

Lately I’ve been obsessing over this Organic Face & Body Elixir by @oasisblack, that features Black Seed Oil! 🌞🌱 Which btw has SO many wonderful benefits! My skin has started to look so much healthier & glowy! 

I’ve stripped my dresser bare of all the creams serums and lotions and replaced them with this little black bottle from @oasisblack So refreshing to be able to use one product that targets a range of skin concerns and needs. Plus the bonus is it’s #organic and made of #essentialoils so no hormone disrupting chemicals and nothing harsh on my skin.

Using natural products on my skin has become so important to me, so I was excited when I stumbled across Australian brand @oasisblack from Byron Bay
I have been using the @oasisblack Face & Body Elixir since the beginning of the year, and I am absolutely blown away at the results I’ve been having with my skin 🙌🏼😍

Thanks to this baby I’ve said goodbye to my winter skin problems!

My Beauty Routine just got better thanks to this little black bottle of organic botanical oils; the face and body Elixir from @oasisblack 🖤The beauty of this nourishing product helps protect, rejuvenate and promotes youthful looking skin. I have no excuses now that it’s taken with me everywhere I go to achieve a confident look thanks to Oasis Black.

Oh my goodness your oils are incredible!!! My poor dehydrated skin is loving it!!!

I love this product so much, I’ve been using it on my dry/itchy skin areas. It has truly helped my skin heal and give relieve without using medical creams anymore. Highly recommend it, it’s a great product

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