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Natural Plant Oils - My Perfect Year-Round Moisturiser

Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense against the elements. As a result, subtle changes to the climate are often most noticeable in our skin first.

Oasis Black - Year Round Skincare

Right now, as we head towards winter, I’m already noticing that my skin is craving more moisture and nourishment than it did in the warmer summer months. Luckily though, my Face & Body Elixir’s are the perfect year-round solution to my skin’s changing needs. My skin tells me when it needs more, or less, nourishment through subtle signs, and I simply adjust the amount of my elixir that I apply accordingly.

Oils are easily absorbed no matter the climate

Because the natural and organic plant oils that I use in my elixir’s are ones that are all readily absorbed into the skin’s cells, upon application your skin can breathe and won’t feel congested or over moisturised, no matter the climate. Even in humid conditions your skin will absorb the nourishing plant oils used in my elixir’s, meaning you’re never left feeling greasy or over-moisturised.

Oasis Black - Summer Skincare

the problem with man-made creams & lotions

On the contrary however, most man-made lotions and creams are designed to sit on top of your skin until they’re washed, rubbed or sweated off. Our bodies are simply not familiar with the man-made chemistry of these creams and lotions, and therefore can’t absorb them properly.

This is particularly evident in the hotter and more humid climates where you tend to find that man-made moisturisers just never seem to sink in. Instead, I always found that they just ended up making my skin look and feel greasy or over moisturised, and more often than not, I would just rub them off and not bother with them.

"malnourished and dehydrated skin in any climate can lead to undesired results"

Therein lies the problem though, as malnourished and dehydrated skin in any climate can lead to undesired results, such as excessive dryness, itchiness, and inflammation resulting in dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and even acne as the body overcompensates and steps up its own sebum production to counteract the dryness.

There is another issue as well. Many of the man-made creams, lotions and products sold to us for our skin have damaging silicone oils, petrochemical derivatives, and more. And unless you are purchasing a product made by a company that cares about its ingredients, even the products that make the "natural" claim will often contain GMO and non-organically grown oils, introducing more pesticide toxicity into your system. This also means that what does soak into our skin from these products, can then integrate with our internal cells and organs and affect our core chemistry in potentially damaging ways.

why oils work

"our skin simply knows how to process these oils to extract their most beneficial properties"

Oasis Black - The Perfect Year round moisturiser

Pure plant oils, however, can naturally deliver highly concentrated, active nourishment to your skin in a way that man-made concoctions simply can't. The molecular structure of natural plant oils is finer, and more akin to our natural skin sebum. Our skin recognizes this and is hence far more able and willing to absorb these oils into our cells.

Great for all skin types all year round, natural plant oils have been used by humans for centuries to nourish, treat and moisturise our skin. Our skin has spent millennia evolving to work with the natural plant oils available, so naturally, unlike man-made creams & lotions, our skin simply knows how to process these oils to extract their most beneficial properties.

So why would you use anything else?

Oasis Black – born in Morocco, made in Byron Bay.

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