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Why did we stop using natural skincare?

When I first discovered the many benefits of using natural plant oils on my skin, I was amazed at how simple skincare could really be.

Naturally, this realisation got me thinking, have we as humans with all our synthetic man-made ingredients and concoctions been doing it all wrong for the past century? And why did we stop using natural and readily available ingredients to heal, protect and nourish our skin?

Oasis Black - Rediscover Natural Skincare | Natural Skincare Byron Bay | Oasis Black

Looking back on our history, it doesn’t take long to realise that up until recently, natural skincare was all we had - it was all we needed too. After all, Mother Nature has done an amazing job of providing us with exactly what our skin needs to be healthy, vibrant and youthful.

So, why did we stop using natural skincare and start using artificial alternatives? And why do we see more problem skin now, than ever before?

Keep reading to find out.

Patents and profits

Unsurprisingly, it all boils down to money, profits and greed.

What may not be so surprising though, is that skincare companies can’t patent or trademark a naturally occurring ingredient. What does this mean for skincare companies? It means, in order to produce a unique and original product, that can’t be easily replicated, they need to come up with their own patentable synthetic versions of these ingredients. This is exactly what they did and continue to do today.

Oasis Black - Rediscover Natural Skincare | Natural Skincare Byron Bay | Oasis Black

Skincare companies dissect the natural ingredients available and build synthetic imitations of them in the lab – not exactly healthy or for our benefit, is it?

Mindful marketing

Once the work in the lab is done, through clever and consistent marketing, they convince the public that natural is bad and their synthetic versions are superior.

Unfortunately, over time, this is what many of us began to believe. I too, was a victim and for a long time, was deadly afraid to use oils on my skin and believed natural meant cheap and inferior.

What makes matters worse, is that these synthetic skincare versions lack the complexity and sophistication of the natural ingredients they’re built to mimic. So, they don’t contain the same density of beneficial properties as their natural subjects.

How do skincare companies get around this? By concocting more versions, each mimicking a particular property, then using this in their advertising to state they contain XYZ.

Natural knows best

Naturally, our bodies spent millennia evolving to utilise the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients around us. So, our skin simply knows how to process and react to these – as it was made to.

On the contrary, our skin doesn’t quite know how to process the man-made imitations - they simply haven’t stood the test of time against our skin. As a result, our skin tends to reject them and this shows up on our skin in the form of blemishes, inflammation and acne.

Glow naturally with Oasis Black

Oasis Black - Rediscover Natural Skincare | Natural Skincare Byron Bay | Oasis BlackIs it time to rethink your skincare? Is it time to rediscover natural skincare? 

Instead of consistently exposing your skin, and body, to man-made synthetic ingredients it may not know how to process or use, why not switch to what we humans have used for millennia (try our Simple 2-Step Skincare routine) and see how quickly your skin will start glowing?

All my Oasis Black organic botanical oils and creations, remain handmade by me, in small batches right here in Byron Bay, naturally.

From the simple beginnings of Morocco, to the hive of simple, natural and organic living that is Byron Bay, I truly hope that you and your skin love my creations as much as I do.

Discover how your skin can glow naturally with Oasis Black today.

Oasis Black – born in Morocco, made in Byron Bay.

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