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Cleanser Concentrate Activation

1. Find an appropriate sized repurposed/reusable bottle.

We recommend using a bottle with capacity of at least 80ml for each sample size sachets, or 300ml for each full size sachet.
e.g. a reusable liquid soap dispenser, or repurpose an old cleanser pump bottle, body wash bottle, shampoo bottle or squeezy travel bottle.

2. Empty sachet contents into your bottle and add water:
  • Sample Size Sachet - add 1/4 Cup or 62.5g water
  • Full Size Sachet - add 1 Cup or 250ml/g water
3. Put the bottle cap on, and shake well.
4. Set aside for 6 hours (or overnight) to thicken, shaking occasionally.
5. Use as you normally would to wash your Face & Body. For best results, use in our Simple 2-step Routine.

TIP: if the neck of your bottle is too narrow to pour the power through, use a measuring jug to mix up the concentrate in (stirring instead of shaking) and then pour into your bottle when ready.