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Simple, Natural & Plastic Free

Wooden Soap Rest

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Suitable for Men & Women

A stylish Wooden Monstera Leaf shaped Soap Rest for your Oasis Black Castile Cleansing Bars.

Oasis Black Castile Cleansing Bars

Designed to drain the water from your Oasis Black Castile Cleansing Bars, our stylish Monstera leaf inspired wooden soap rests will hold your Castile Cleansing Bar in place in the shower or next to your basin.

Laser cut from sustainably sourced and durable plywood, we've then finished these beauties with our own all-natural & organic protective and antimicrobial hard wax oil made from Jojoba oil, Black Seed oil and Beeswax.

This rest is a great alternative to traditional soap dishes, and the perfect choice for those trying to avoid chemicals or plastics with a simple, natural and tropical aesthetic.

Plastic Free
Zero Waste
Non Metallic

Each tool is unique and may vary slightly by colour and size

Length: 10cm | Width: 8cm

Oasis Black - All Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Made in Australia