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Elixir Samples
Elixir Samples
Elixir Samples
Elixir Samples
Elixir Samples
Elixir Samples

Elixir Samples


Want to try our Organic Face & Body Elixir's?

Our adorable 3mL sample bottles give you the perfect way to try our Nude and Original Face & Body Elixir's.

On average, we find that 3ml sample bottles generally last people up to a week, providing you with ample time to decide if you'd like to commit to a larger bottle or not.

Better yet, the little glass eye dropper bottles they come in are refillable from their respective bigger bottles, and are the perfect size to keep in your bag/pocket so you've always got them on hand.


Born in Morocco and our most popular Elixir, Original is an infusion of the world’s most active botanical nut & seed oils, mixed with powerful essential oils and of course our hero ingredient, Black Seed Oil. Read the full description & ingredient list here.



Formulated with only cold pressed nut & seed oils, our Nude Elixir caters to those with allergies to essential oils, those who are pregnant, or those who simply want an luxurious base oil to add their own essential oils to and make it their own. Read the full description & ingredient list here.



Built with the same botanical oil infusion as our Original Elixir, our Golden Elixir has just one luxurious difference, it shimmers like liquid gold and will give your skin a very subtle glow. Read the full description & ingredient list here.

All Elixir's suitable for both Men & Women

Directions for Use

This elixir is truly a multi-purpose product that can not only simplify your skincare routine, but it also could replace many other single purpose products you may have.

Gently massage a small amount in to cleansed skin in place of your normal face moisturiser, body lotion, anti-aging serum, eye gel, retinol cream, vitamin C serum, or even as a topical antiseptic to soothe & help heal irritated, cut or inflamed skin.

Please shake before using. 

For more information on the many other ways you can use this Elixir, please view the video below and visit our Usage Suggestions page.

As with any cosmetic product, please conduct a patch-test before first use. For external use only.

Shipping FAQ's

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If you're a Byron Bay local, or currently visiting, you can pick-up your order or we can deliver it to you for FREE. Just select the appropriate option at the checkout.

Free pick-up's are available from Byron Bay Traders located in the Arts & Industrial Estate at 17 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay and open between 9am & 3pm, Mon to Fri. Orders are usually ready to be collected within 24 hours of placing your order. You'll receive a notification when your order is ready to be collected. 

Local deliveries are usually completed within 48 hours of receiving your order. 

We can ship to addresses worldwide.

Minimum order values apply for orders with shipping addresses outside Australia.

Please note that each country has different laws and regulations regarding buying products from other countries. It is your responsibility to know what is legal in your country in terms of what can and cannot be shipped to you before you place an order with Oasis Black. All ingredients in Oasis Black's products are listed on the product pages, on this website, in accordance with Australian Cosmetic labeling requirements. No refunds will be given for items that are seized at your local customs office.

Yes, absolutely!
If you need your order to be delivered sooner, we are happy to Express Post it to you for an additional fee. This can be added at the check-out.

Definitely, all orders (except those for 3ml samples) are sent with complimentary tracking numbers. Please contact me if you haven't received your tracking number.

All orders are dispatched from Lennox Head (postcode 2478) NSW, Australia.

Delivery speeds depend on the destination and shipping method chosen. Please note that the information provided below is an estimate only and delivery times could be longer especially for deliveries to rural and remote addresses:

Australian Standard Shipping
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International Standard Shipping
Delivery is by air and generally takes 6+ business days. Country specific delivery times are available online at

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Delivery is by air and generally takes 2-4 business days. Country specific delivery times are available online at

If your order is being shipped to an address outside Australia, additional taxes, duties, tariffs, quarantine fees, customs charges, brokerage and other fees may apply to your shipment. These charges vary from Country to Country and are your responsibility.

The local Customs office will bill the recipient directly for any applicable charges when your package reaches its destination country. These fees are NOT included in the shipping fees charged to you by Oasis Black. Please contact your local customs office for details on how these charges are assessed and applied to your delivery BEFORE placing your order with Oasis Black.

No refunds will be given for items that are seized at your local customs office, or not delivered, unless returned to us. Packages that are returned due to unpaid duties and customs charges will incur an additional shipping fee.

For our shipping materials, we use a sustainably made paper based “bubble wrap”, tissue paper and information flyers made using recycled and recyclable paper/card. Our shipping envelopes are made using 100% Post consumer recycled paper, sealed with non-toxic glue instead of plastic tapes.

Yes! Oasis Black promotes environmentally friendly practices, and accordingly we’ve taken great care to ensure our products and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible.
All our product bottles are made with glass, and the mailing/protective packaging the products are sent to you in are made with recycled, environmentally friendly paper based materials which are all generally recyclable. However, as most recycling facilities in Australia (and overseas) can not yet recycle small loose bottle tops, please check with your local council before recycling the pump caps.

Usage suggestions

One Elixir - Many Uses

This elixir is truly a multi-purpose product that can not only simplify your beauty routine, but it can also replace many other single purpose products you may have/use.

For more information on how you can use this Elixir, and the types of products it can replace in your routine, please visit our Usage Suggestions page.  

Product FAQ's

  • Where can I try your products?

    Testers are made available for you to try our products in person at any of our Byron Bay Market Stall or stockists. 

    Alternatively, our adorable 3ml sample bottles are available for a small fee either online or in person at our Byron Bay Market Stall.

    Please always try before you buy as for health and hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns of used or open products.

  • How are your products packaged?

    Our Elixir's are housed in recyclable/reusable amber glass bottles fitted with serum pump caps. Our product labels are made from recyclable materials, and to avoid unnecessary packaging and wastage we have also chosen not to package our products in external boxes. We have chosen to do this for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, as an environmentally conscious company Oasis Black aim to avoid the use of plastics & unnecessary waste wherever possible.

    Secondly, ultra-violet light, oxygen and heat can decrease the effective life of many natural oils. Some companies choose to house their oils in plastic containers, but the strength of oils can cause these plastic containers to break down and leach into their products over time. Accordingly, to avoid deterioration and to prolong the effective life of our products, we have chosen to use recyclable/reusable amber glass bottles fitted with serum pump caps to help minimise exposure to oxygen.

    As we have also chosen not to package our products in external boxes, the necessary product information you may require can be found on both the product’s label and this website.

  • Since there are no preservatives, how long do your products last?

    Our Elixir's should be used within 12 months of opening for maximum effect. 

  • Why does my new product look and/or smell different to the last one I purchased?

    Nature is alive and seasonal, and therefore is constantly changing and fluctuating. Products made from natural ingredients are also subject to these natural variations.

    As we only use natural raw ingredients, sourced fresh for each batch, you may notice minor changes between batches.

    You can take these variations as a positive sign that we are committed to delivering to you only the purest, best quality and freshest products made from all natural ingredients. 

  • Do you test your products on animals?

    No! We have never, and will never, test our products or ingredients on animals.

  • Are your products suitable for vegans?

    Yes, our products are made from 100% botanical ingredients and are completely free from animal ingredients. 

  • How should I store my Elixir?

    To prolong the effective life of your Oasis Black Elixir, please store it away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

  • Can I use your products when I’m pregnant?

    A woman’s skin becomes extra-sensitive to many substances during pregnancy, particularly some essential oils. Though my product should be safe for second and third trimester use, if you are pregnant, please consider using our Nude Elixir and consult your medical practitioner first.

  • Will using oils cause break-outs?

    If using the right oils, in the right way, oils should not cause breakouts. Containing many naturally anti-microbial ingredients, my products are formulated to bring your skin back to equilibrium, balancing deficient or excessive oil production over time.      

    At first, however, while your skin is adjusting to my products, you may experience a few more pimples than usual. This is completely normal as your skin is going through the natural purging process. During this process, I like to imagine my skin cells becoming hydrated, plump and firm from all the nutrients they're receiving from the oils. This leaves little room for anything foreign within the skin, so these impurities are pushed out of the skin in the form of pimples.

    This process, though, should only last for about a month as your skin completely renews itself. If you are still experiencing breakouts after this time, please discontinue use and seek medical advice. 

  • Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

    Yes, my products are perfect for sensitive skin. I do not use harsh detergents, chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin. However, as everyone’s skin make up is different, I always recommend that if you haven’t used my products before, or if you have concerns about particular skin conditions, please obtain a sample and conduct a small patch test prior to first use. 

  • Are your products safe for children?

    Yes, my products are extremely gentle on skin of all ages as they do not contain any synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulfates or harsh detergents, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colours. However, as everyone’s skin make up is different, I always recommend obtaining a sample and conducting a patch test prior to first use. 

  • What is a patch test and how do I conduct one?

    Skin chemistry varies from person to person, and people develop allergies to different substances throughout all stages of their lives. Hence, as with any cosmetic product, to ensure you’re not allergic to the ingredients in my products, please always conduct a patch test for at least 24 hours before use.

    To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of the product to a small discreet patch of skin (for example inside your wrist or elbow), and wait 24 hours to see if any signs of irritation/redness develop. If you do develop any irritations, please discontinue use and seek medical advice.

    Oasis Black cannot guarantee that customers will not experience skin reactions and cannot be held responsible should any occur. Please always try before you buy.