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Ceramic Bowl & Spoon


Your perfect Mud Mask mixing companions

Watch your creation come to life in a handcrafted ceramic bowl from Byron Bay.

Fashioned by a local Byron Bay ceramicist, from either a black or stunning raw earthy clay that just oozes the Byron style, these bowls are ideal for mixing just one or two masks at the same time.

Teamed with a white ceramic spoon, the bowls are sealed with a drip style glaze in either white or clear natural glaze - the choice is yours.

Why use non-metallic utensils?

Clay contains uniquely charged particles that work like a magnet. These particles can attract and absorb impurities such as oils and bacteria into them, allowing them to be easily removed and washed away.

Metal objects can de-activate these charged particles and render the clay’s unique attraction properties useless. This means that for clay to remain effective on the skin, it should never be stored in, measured, or mixed with metal.

For these reasons we recommend using only non-metallic utensils and bowls when preparing your Oasis Black Mineral Mud Masks.