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Packaging FAQ's

Our Elixir's are housed in recyclable/reusable amber glass bottles fitted with serum pump caps. Our product labels are made from recyclable materials, and to avoid unnecessary packaging and wastage we have also chosen not to package our products in external boxes. We have chosen to do this for a number of reasons.
Firstly, as an environmentally conscious company Oasis Black aim to avoid the use of plastics & unnecessary waste wherever possible.
Secondly, ultra-violet light, oxygen and heat can decrease the effective life of many natural oils. Some companies choose to house their oils in plastic containers, but the strength of oils can cause these plastic containers to break down and leach into their products over time. Accordingly, to avoid deterioration and to prolong the effective life of our products, we have chosen to use recyclable/reusable amber glass bottles fitted with serum pump caps to help minimise exposure to oxygen.
As we have also chosen not to package our products in external boxes, the necessary product information you may require can be found on both the product’s label and this website.

For our shipping materials, we use a sustainably made paper based “bubble wrap”, tissue paper and information flyers made using recycled and recyclable paper/card. Our shipping envelopes are made using 100% Post consumer recycled paper, sealed with non-toxic glue instead of plastic tapes.

Yes! Oasis Black promotes environmentally friendly practices, and accordingly we’ve taken great care to ensure our products and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible.

All our product bottles are made with glass, and the mailing/protective packaging the products are sent to you in are made with recycled, environmentally friendly paper based materials which are all generally recyclable. However, as most recycling facilities in Australia (and overseas) can not yet recycle small loose bottle tops, please check with your local council before recycling the pump caps.